Monday, January 28, 2008

Campaign 08: McCain and the Border Agents

Rich Lowry of National Review has written an article on John McCain's campaign for the presidency. It addresses McCain's position regarding two individuals on our Pardon Watch List. In part, Lowry writes:

But McCain is, within reason, saying what he thinks he needs to say to win ... When the immigration questioner got up and asked about the right-wing cause of pardoning Ramos and Compean (I’ve written about the case here), McCain very gingerly took the typical politician’s “we need more information” dodge: “There is an investigation that should be completed very soon about those border guards. We have asked — all of us in Congress — have asked for them to proceed with a full investigation. And frankly we are not sure that it would be soon. I’ll get back to you, if you’d like.” A year ago, wouldn’t McCain have basically told this guy to go to hell?
See full text of article here.

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