Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kenneth Starr on the Pardon Power

Kenneth Starr, the special prosecutor in the Clinton Whitewater investigation and Lewinsky scandal spoke to Campbell University law students on Wednesday. The Fayetteville Observer reports on the event and notes:

Starr said he does not understand why pardons are not given to death row prisoners much anymore. “Are people less deserving of mercy these days,” he said. “For a person who has demonstrated, through his actions while incarcerated, that he truly is sorry — he’s not asking to be let go. Why not consider life in prison without the possibility of parole?” In 2005, Starr worked to overturn a decision to put Robin Lovitt to death. Lovitt had murdered a man during a robbery in 1998 in Virginia. On Oct. 3, 2005, he was granted clemency by the governor. He is serving life in prison without parole.
See full story here.

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