Friday, January 11, 2008

Louisiana Report

According to this report, the Louisiana state Board of Pardons received 4,240 applications for clemency during Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s four years in office (2004-2007). Of that number, only 849 were granted a hearing. The Board then denied 566 of the applications and 92 were held over for further consideration. As a result, a total of 331 applications were granted favorable recommendations and passed to Blanco. The Governor granted clemency for 285 applicants, denied 32 others and took no action on 14 applications. None of Blanco's actions involved high profile cases. Most were for inmates convicted of drug offenses. "She took very deliberate and thorough consideration of every one that came over here," said Terry Ryder, Blanco's executive council. This story is also covered here.


miss white said...

The state of lousiana is as corrupt as it was 60 years ago. They need to increase the treatment of its inmates and give them better living facilities.

victoria said...

I so agree my husband is currently incarcerated at Dixon Correctional Institute and there is so much scrutiny and corruption going on there. The female guards who are related to another male guard who may be higher rank who wanted eqaual opportunity employment rights to work at an all male facility but the male inmates aren't allowed to shower? The medical needs of the inmates are rarely ever met, they see a Dr. that is appointed to that facility who either won't or can't give the necessary medical assistance some of the inmates require. Taking them to Earl K. Long charity hospital is a joke they make numerous trips just to be told that the test they had run the first time which could have been 3 to 4 months earlier need to me done again then send them back to the facility to wait another 3 to 4months is a never ending cycle.

victoria said...

In adddition since the whole economy issue is supposedly putting a strain on everyone they are now informing the inmates due to the budget cuts their food supply is too short and are barely getting portions on their plates that would meet a childs lunch or breakfast or dinner needs. Then there is the federal funding where is that? The prison inmate fund where is that? Isn't that suppose to help the immates needs? What about the early release of non violent criminals? Havn't seen that yet either. Wouldn't it make sense to release some of the non violent offenders on a costly level.

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