Monday, January 14, 2008

Watch List: Jonathan Pollard

The Washington Post is reporting on an item previously discussed here. In 1986, naval intelligence worker Jonathan Pollard plead guilty to passing top-secret information to Israel. He is now serving a life sentence for passing what some estimate to be thousands of pages of documents. The Post reports there is now a "ramping up" of the campaign for a presidential pardon. His wife also believes the "political situation finally seems to favor freeing him." However, a White House spokesman says, there are "no plans" to "change his status" and the Post opines that a pardon would "surely infuriate the U.S. intelligence establishment" where "deep animosity toward Pollard remains." Pollard's former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, favors a full pardon, but argues that a commutation of sentence to 25 years "is a very realistic option." See the Post story here.

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