Sunday, February 24, 2008

Campaign 08: Pardoned by Bill. Campaigning for Hillary

Henry Cisneros, who was pardoned by Bill Clinton in 2001, is now appearing in a Texas ad for Mrs. Clinton. The 30-second spot debuted earlier this week and asks Texans to “Vote for our friend Hillary today — we’ll all have a better life.” Cisneros served as the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1993 until 1997, when he left office and plead guilty to making false statements to federal officials.

More specifically, Cisneros lied to FBI investigators during background checks prior to being named Secretary of HUD and lied about payments he had made to a former mistress Linda Medlar. Medlar used some of the hush money to purchase a house and entered into a bank fraud scheme with her sister and brother-in-law to conceal the source of the money. In 1997, Cisneros was indicted on 18 counts of conspiracy, giving false statements and obstruction of justice. Medlar then plead guilty to 28 charges of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and obstruction of justice. In 1999, Cisneros negotiated a plea agreement, under which he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of lying to the FBI and was fined $10,000. He was pardoned in 2001 just as Clinton was leaving office. See article here.

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