Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Context: Tenure of the U.S. Pardon Attorney

A reader has inquired about the length of tenure for U.S. Pardon Attorneys (having noticed that the recently resigned U.S. Pardon Attorney, Roger Adams, had served for ten years). I once constructed a chart of all pardon attorneys but am not having much luck locating it just yet. I did find a partial list of pardon attorneys in a footnote from a statistical analysis of presidential pardons that I presented as a professional paper back in 1995. I also employed Mark Morris' doctoral dissertation (here):

Former U.S. Pardon Attorneys, 1892-2008
C.F. Scott (1892-1893)
William Endicott, Jr. (1894-1896)
John H. Campbell (1897-1899)
James Easby-Smith (1900-1904)
Peyton Gordon (1905-1907)
James A. Finch (1908-1935)
Robert H. Turner (1936)
Daniel M. Lyons (1937-1953)
Kenneth V. Harvey (1954-1955, 1957)
Reed Cozart (1956, 1958-1968)
T. Oscar Smith (1969)
Lawrence M. Traylor (1970-1976)
John R. Stanish (1977-1979)
David C. Stephenson (1980-1990)
Margaret Colgate Love (1991-1997)
Roger Adams (1998-2008)

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