Sunday, February 24, 2008

Delaware: Pardon Concerns

Government officials, employees of social service agencies and others gathered at a convention Saturday to discuss how to change perceptions and practices which are hindering minorities. The groups hope that the State of Black Delaware will become an annual event with forums and ppportunities for public conversation. This year's program was divided into three panel discussions: health, crime and justice, and education. Considerable attention was given to the difficulties offenders have reintegrating into society. Dwight Holden, chairman of the state's Parole Board, and Dwight Davis, who works with inmates as they try to re-enter the community, said the criminal records of pardoned residents are often not completely expunged, which can make it more difficult for them to get jobs or obtain lines of credit. As one speaker put it, "The thing that worries me is we don't have a re-entry agenda." See complete story here.

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