Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Indiana: Request

An appellate court has upheld the 37-month prison sentence that was given to R&B singer Ronald Isley for five counts of tax evasion. The 66-year old legend argued the sentence was "unreasonable" because of his age, poor health and lack of proof that the federal prison system can provide him adequate health care. The appellate court disagreed, however, and focused on on Isley's "pathological" tax evasion. Last July, Def Jam and Isley fans launched a letter-writing campaign to President George W. Bush in the hopes that he might pardon Isley, or at least commute the sentence. Isley is incarcerated at the Terre Haute Federal Corrections Institution in Indiana and his projected release date is in April 2010. See story here. See also my complete Pardon Watch List.

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