Friday, February 22, 2008

Maryland: Posthumous Pardon Revisited is looking back on an famous murder that took place 90 years ago. John Snowden was convicted of the murder of Lottie May Brandon and sentenced to hang on Feb. 28, 1919. His various appeals for a new trial were denied although many were not convinced that his trial was fair. Governor Emerson C. Harrington was lobbied to grant a commutation, a request that also drew the support of 11 of the jurors. But Harrington refused and, on the morning of the hanging, an anonymous letter emerged which said, "He was not the guilty man. I am the Man." On May 31, 2001, governor Parris Glendening presented the community that continued work to prove Snowden's innocence his posthumous pardon. For complete story, go here.

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