Saturday, February 2, 2008

Michigan: Petition and Controversy

The Daily Telegram (MI) reports that Judge Tomothy P. Pickard and prosecutor Irving Shaw have been recently informed that a petition has been filed with the Michigan Parole Board calling for the release of 71-year old Wilbur Scott. More specicfically, the petition (filed by Scott's sister - a former Tecumseh mayor and city council member) asks that he be considered for a pardon or commutation. The Telegram reports that, in 1965, Scott "deliberately" shot his wife in the back with a rifle as she tried to get into a car. When the victim's mother attempted to shield her daughter from furhter attack, Scott shoved her out of the way and fired two more bullets into his the victim's back. Judge Pickard says that he must, "in the strongest terms, oppose any such action by the Governor.” He also notes that, "In a state which has no capital punishment for first degree murder, life in prison should mean life in prison.” Prosecutor Shaw also says that he “vigorously opposes and objects to any reprieve, commutation or pardon in this case.” See full story here.

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