Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More on the U.S. Pardon Attorney

The Associated Press is following up on resignation of U.S. Pardon Attorney Roger Adams. The AP reports Adams has been "transferred out of his office" following an inspector general's report that accuses him of having described a drug convict applying for a pardon as being "about as honest as you could expect for a Nigerian" and adding "Unfortunately, that's not very honest." The AP report also says:

The investigation also concluded that Adams threatened to transfer or otherwise retaliate against staffers who complained about his management style to the inspector general, which is the Justice Department's internal watchdog. Among their complaints, dating back to 2001, were claims that Adams allowed at least one employee to take extended breaks while denying the same to others, and that he improperly framed and displayed historical documents in his office that should have been safeguarded in government archives.
Mr. Adams now works in the general counsel's office at the Justice Department's management division and has written a 22-page response. He says, "As any person who has known me for any length of time will attest, I am neither racially biased nor insensitive." But, the AP says the inspector general's report describes a "poisonous work environment" that was "apparently felt by both Adams and his staff" in the pardon attorney's office. See complete story here and more from the Washington Post here

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