Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Campaign 08: Spitzer, "Go Hillary! Go!"

I cannot say whether or not Tom Bemis at MarketWatch is a Democrat or a Republican. Nor do I have any idea which candidate he supports. But, in an editorial entitled, "Five reasons why [Eliot] Spitzer's not done," he writes:

... Spitzer is a superdelegate to the Democratic Convention, committed to Hillary Clinton. If he sticks around, and backs her, and she makes it to the White House, he's well on his way to executive clemency for any criminal charges he may get hit with.
While one could see this as a comment on Bemis, or MarketWatch, or on Hillary Clinton, it seems more enlightening and/or productive to pause and just ponder what it says about public perceptions regarding the state of federal executive clemency in the United States. See full editorial here.

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