Sunday, March 16, 2008

Florida: Sunshine on Pardon Applications

Florida newspapers, such as the Miami Herald have been singing the praises of Gov. Charlie Crist (R) for his efforts in regard to "sunshine" (or more openness) in government. Crist issued “A Week of Sunshine” Proclamation last week recognizing March 16-22, 2008, as Sunshine Week for the citizens of the State of Florida. The Proclamation urges citizens to celebrate the State of Florida’s dedication to making state and local government more accessible to the public. The Herald notes:

Gov. Crist [created] the Commission on Open Government, which has held three public hearings around the state. A fourth is scheduled in Fort Lauderdale in May. Discussions at the hearings already have triggered an opening of clemency records. Former inmates who apply to restore their civil rights may now see information that evaluates their cases, including the Parole Commission's recommendations to the Board of Clemency. Previously, applicants complained of being denied clemency on the basis of secret information that they could not challenge.
See article here and additional information here.

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