Friday, March 7, 2008

North Carolina: Pardon Forgery

Michael Lorraine Lord is about to serve a 48-hour jail sentence. His crime? While seeking employment in June 2006, he presented a forged letter from former governor Jim Hunt's office pardoning a 1994 conviction. In actuality, his clemency request had been denied. Lord, who had served as a county administrator and town manager also got two years probation, a $5,000 fine and court costs. Assistant District Attorney John Criscitiello says, "This is the most brazen crime I have seen in my time as a prosecutor." Lord's attorney says that his client exercised "very poor judgment." See full story here.


amms said...

It was a stupid mistake on his part... And a disrespectful thing for him to do. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

But for a second...let's think about what reasons prompted him to do that? Is it really that difficult to obtain decent paying jobs? Is there a possible underlying issue with our economic system that drives good people to the point of absolute frustration where they are forced to resort to engage in unethical practices just to stay afloat?

Anonymous said...

I agree it was a stupid mistake on his part. Governor Easley has done a terrible job with his pardons. In 8 yrs Governor Easley would have us believe that only 4 people warranted a pardon and these 4 were pardons of innocence. I will be very happy to see Governor Easley leave office. Could be the worst Governor North Carolina has ever had!!!

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