Friday, March 21, 2008

The President: Another Perspective on Siegelman

Over at the American Spectator, Mark G. Michaelsen suggests that, if a Democrat is elected President of the United States in 2008, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman "might be pardoned." Michaelson even thinks there "might even be pressure" on a Democrats President to appoint Siegelman "as a federal judge or a U.S. Attorney." The article suggests "journalists and Democrats" have "concocted an 'inside job' theory" or "conspiratorial" view about Siegelman's conviction which includes everything "liberals" hate (Bush, Rove, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Abramoff, etc.). Michaelson finds it odd, however, that "there are never calls to spring corporate executive Richard Scrushy, who is thought to have bilked investors." See Spectator article here. PardonPower has addressed this case before in the following posts: 1/11 Presidential Pardon "Watch List". 3/4 The President: Siegelman and Scrushy?, 3/11 The President: 60 Minutes Report

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