Monday, March 17, 2008

Wisconsin: Report

Here is a nifty little report on clemency in the State of Wisconsin. It says that, since 1987, more than 300 people have received pardons from the governor, with most of the offenses being drug-related and the average pardon appearing 20 years after the crime. One individual describes the State's clemency process as something like, "being a chicken breast, being flipped over on high flame." Bill Lueders of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council argues that pardon records should be online. How do you get to such information?
That information is a public record and it is available for public inspection. It's kept in a cardboard documents box in the 10th floor office of the secretary of state's office in Madison along with a hand-written index. Copies are available but by law, the agency charges $2 for each one-page pardon document, about 10 times the cost of copies in most other state agencies.
Michael Hayes, a Milwaukee attorney, agrees that putting the information online is a "great idea," but reminds clients that "The odds of getting a pardon are pretty slim." For example, in 2006, 88 people applied and only 12 received a pardon. In 2007, 86 people applied and 16 received a pardon.


Anonymous said...

I have recieved a felony when I was (18) years old. Since then (8) years have past, I have gotten custody of my daughter (6)years ago but the advisory board commented they are denying me clemency because the think I will do it again. I haven't been arrested in (8) years period and I need to pardon my felony to better support my daughter. Are they sayin I will be literly old before the pardon my case? How can they stereotype like that? It is obvious that it was my past . I was only 18. Why do the choose to keep legitimate recovering felons in shackles like that? It's wrong!!! That just tell people also like me that that is all that they want people to be is Felons!!! That is stereotipically wrong!!

Susan said...

I will pray for you. Good for you for starting fresh and being a dad.

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