Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Alabama: Pardon, Parole, Whatever.

In July of 2006, John Faulk was drinking and driving a speedboat in a restricted area and, as a consequence, hurt eight people and killed one Michael Haslam (who was sitting on a pontoon boat). Faulk's unsuccessful defense was that he consumed a large amount of alcohol after the accident, while waiting for the police to arrive on the scene. On Monday, a pastor, college pals, friends and family requested leniency from Judge Ben Fuller. Faulk's mother put is this way: "Please give him a pardon or parole or whatever. We don't want him to go to prison or jail." Fuller responded with a 30-month sentence split so that Faulk will serve 18 months in jail for the most serious charge and a year concurrently for misdemeanor assault charges. The victim's wife says the sentence is too light and remains annoyed that Faulk has never even apologized or expressed remorse. See full story here.

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