Thursday, April 24, 2008

Campaign 08: Clinton Comes Clean!

Mrs. Clinton has, at last, addressed her husband's use of the pardon power on behalf of two members of the radical group Weather Underground (see previous commentary here). The question became relevant, of course, when, in the recent debate, Mrs. Clinton attempted to brand rival presidential candidate Barack Obama for being acquainted with William Ayers, another member of the same group - a member who was never actually sent to prison. But, finally, Mrs. Clinton has been directly asked about her husband's decision making and she has responded:

Well, I didn't know anything about it.

Perhaps the cynic will not be pleased. But, recall, Mrs. Clinton knew nothing as to the whereabouts of those Whitewater billing records, until they were found in boxes in her closet (see commentary here). She knew nothing about the FALN pardons. She knew nothing about her husband's pardon of his own half-brother (Roger Clinton). She knew nothing about her brother, Hugh, collecting almost a half a million dollars to pursue pardons for others. But she was "upset" and "disappointed" to learn about it. She knew nothing about her brother, Tony, helping with pardons either. Mrs. Clinton knew nothing about William J. Cunningham (her campaign treasurer) pursuing pardons for two felons. But she was "disappointed" to learn about that business as well. It goes without saying that Mrs. Clinton knew nothing about the assistance fellow Arkansan and White House council Bruce Lindsey provided for her brother. But Mrs. Clinton took the trouble to tell CNN, "I don't know anything" (see Hillary revel in her lack of knowledge here).

Why, there just might not be any limit to what Mrs. Clinton does not know about one of the most scandalous chapters in the history of presidential pardons - the one which features her own husband, both of her brothers, her brother-in-law, her campaign treasurer and other long-time political associates.

Of course, we are still waiting to learn if Mrs. Clinton was/is "upset" or "disappointed" to learn of her husband's use of the pardon power on behalf of Weather Underground members Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans. My advice: Don't hold your breath! See both the debate chat and Clinton's statement here.

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