Saturday, April 19, 2008

Campaign 08: Into the Abyss

As if the recent conversation with a writer for Mother Jones was not disastrous enough (see brief summary here), Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer appears to be putting the final touches on a public relations disaster. Of course, Mrs. Clinton started the ball rolling, during the last debate, by trying to glue Weather Underground member Bill Ayers to Barack Obama. The stunt has actually been in the making for some time now (see commentary here and here). Obama responded by reminding the world that Bill Clinton granted pardons to Weather Underground members Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg.

It has been all downhill from there. Since the big debate, we have also been reminded that Mrs. Clinton has never once spoken a single critical word regarding her husband's pardon of Evans and Rosenberg. Howard Wolfson, Mrs. Clinton's campaign communications director is currently looking for some commentary on the matter. While Wolfson spins, crashes and burns in slow motion, Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer has begun his own ugly nose-dive into incredulity. ABC News reports Singer is beside himself becase Mr. Ayers is "unrepentant of what he did" and boldly claims "that is a difference, of course, between Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg."

Readers of the April 8, 2001 issue of the Austin American-Statesman are not impressed. They remember an article with a heading, UNREPENTANT RADICAL: FREED FROM PRISON BY PRESIDENT CLINTON. Evans told readers, "I'm not repentant. That's for sure. I wouldn't go about it the same (violent) way." Which made sense. Just two years earlier she wrote, "I hate this country so profoundly." See ABC News story here.

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