Thursday, April 17, 2008

Campaign 08: Oh, The Humanity! Wolfson on Terror Pardons

The Mother Jones blog is featuring a gem of a post summarizing recent comments of Howard Wolfson, Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign communications director. In part the post says:

... Wolfson and Phil Singer, another top Clinton aide, had hammered Barack Obama for having held a fundraiser during his first state senate campaign in Illinois at the home of William Ayers, a professor of education at the University of Illinois and a former aide to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who was a member of the radical Weather Underground organization ...

When it came time for questions for Wolfson, I asked an obvious one: Did Hillary Clinton believe that it had been appropriate in 2001 for President Bill Clinton to have pardoned two members of the Weather Underground as he left office? ... And, I continued, has Senator Clinton ever criticized this decision? Has she ever said anything publicly about it? Rosenberg, I noted, had been apprehended with 740 pounds of explosives in her possession.

Wolfson replied, "I am not aware of Linda Evans or Susan a political event for Senator Clinton."

I interrupted to note that I had not asked whether they had. I had asked whether Clinton had supported or opposed her husband's pardons for these two women. (I resisted the urge to throw in Marc Rich.)

Wolfson responded that while I have the right to ask questions the way I see fit, he has the right to answer them in the manner he chooses--and then I can evaluate his reply ... Wolfson went on to accuse the Obama campaign of trying to conflate the pardons and the Ayers issues ...

I tried again: the question is whether Senator Clinton believes the pardons for Rosenberg and Evans were appropriate.

Wolfson replied "I am not an expert on the pardons....I don't know what she said" about them.

Could he find out and get back to us? Yes, he said.

See full blog post here.

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