Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Colorado: Juvenile Clemency

The Rocky Mountain News reports that, last year, Colorado's Juvenile Clemency Board was held out as "a last ray of hope for young prisoners serving time for crimes they committed in their teens." In his executive order establishing the Board last fall, Gov. Bill Ritter (D) attempted to design the Board for juvenile offenders who had been tried as adults. But the Board has since adopted criteria requiring each applicant to have been a "juvenile when he was tried and convicted as an adult." As a result, the Board does not consider the age of offenders at the time of the offense. Instead it considers their age at the time of conviction, or even sentencing. The piece notes "many cases, especially murder charges, can take a year or more to get to trial" and "a number of young prisoners become ineligible" under these guidelines. A resolution of these complications is expected in June. See story here.

1 comment:

Jean K. said...

This was not the intent of the law. It is disheartening how difficult it is to make efective progress in the matter of juvenile justice in Colorado.

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