Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Florida: Request (Update)

In 1975, Jack Hazen, a Vietnam War veteran, robbed a 7-Eleven clerk at knife point, and took off with more than $100. When he was finally arrested, he told police he committed the robbery because he was hungry. Hazen waited about 10 months before he escaped from a prison work program in 1976 and assumed the name Charlie Free for more than three decades in Las Vegas. He was discovered, arrested and placed in a Las Vegas jail on January 30, 2008. Gov. Charlie Crist (R) then signed an extradition, returning Hazen to Florida to complete his seven-year sentence.

Today, Hazen is a 61-year-old grandfather, in solitary confinement, fighting to get medicine for multiple sclerosis, diabetes and early onset Alzheimer's. And he does not want to die in prison. So, Hazen's daughters have begun a "letter-writing campaign" to the governor to grant "expedited clemency"on their father's behalf. They have also started a website (freecharlesfree.com) to help publicize the case. See recent story here. Additional PardonPower posts on this story can be found here: February 5, March 4

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