Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Florida: Request

Russell Trawick was serving a 10-year sentence for stealing money orders when he escaped from a Florida prison in 1975. For over three decades, he carried on "secret communications" with family members. Along the way, he spent time in Indiana, Michigan and Missouri, got married and even filed his income taxes. But, now, Trawick is back in Florida and back in prison. Meanwhile, his wife is suffering with cancer and, as Trawick puts it, "I have lived a good life for the past 30 years and I desperately want to go back to my wife and the life we have made together. My every concern is for her welfare and safety." Trawick's parents have also petitioned the state clemency board for his release. His lawyer says he hopes the governor and the Cabinet will be "sympathetic" and not spend "$30,000 a year" on his client. See full story here.


Anonymous said...

Man, send him home!!! This is a waste of taxpayer money and waste of a human life!!!

Anonymous said...

They did send him home. They shouldn't have wasted the time to go get him, incarcerate him for 6 months, and then have a judge release him because it was embarassing to the state of Florida. What genius is running that department? The great Gil Gerard?

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