Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Insights: New Post Category

PardonPower will soon feature a new category of posts entitled: INSIGHTS. For these posts, I will have lawyers, judges, scholars and media persons respond to a series of questions regarding some issues(s) addressed in PardonPower posts. The questions will aim to draw out opinion and insight and wide latitude will be given to those who are kind enough to respond. While I will certainly welcome responses from readers, I will not be commenting (agreeing or disagreeing) with these posts. Another goal, of course, will be to provide timely information. For that reason, we could probably not have a more outstanding beginning.

The PardonPower INSIGHTS posts will begin with responses from Tamara N. Holder, a prominent attorney in the Chicagoland area, who will share insights regarding clemency processes in Illinois and recent events (e.g., the pardons of Chandra Gill and Sharon Latiker) which have drawn attention to the governor's pardon power. You will not want to miss it. So, stay tuned.

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