Wednesday, April 30, 2008

North Carolina: For Judge?

The Charlotte Observer is issuing recommendation with respect to upcoming primary elections for North Carolina's Court of Appeals. The Observer notes two individuals are seeking the seat James A. Wynn has held for 11 years, Jewel Ann Farlow and Dean R. Poirier. Wynn is given the thumbs up, and the Observer notes:

Ms. Farlow has practiced civil and criminal law for 19 years and has a reputation for being hard-working, analytical and a passionate advocate for clients. (Voters considering that record might also be aware she received a pardon of forgiveness in 2001 from Gov. Jim Hunt for two misdemeanor larceny convictions in 1982.)
Doug Clark (here) notes Farlow has no web site but provides a link to a case where she was a litigant (here). Clark also provides language from a clemency warrant which says Farlow pled guilty to "two counts of Misdemeanor Larceny and Trespass" and received the following sentence: "12 months suspended with two years unsupervised probation with conditions and Prayer for Judgment continued upon payment of costs." Says Clark:
Greensboro attorney Don Vaughan represented Farlow in seeking this pardon. In a face-to-face interview with me Tuesday, Farlow would not discuss any of the circumstances of her convictions, which she attributed to "youthful stupidity." Born Jan. 6, 1958, she was 24 at the time and a graduate of Duke University. After our interview, I learned Farlow was charged with carrying a concealed weapon in Greensboro in 1983, but that charge was dismissed. I have tried to reach her to ask her about this, but she did not return my call by the time I left the office at 5:45. Why dwell on matters that happened 25 or more years ago and have been officially forgiven? Voters deserve to know. Farlow is running for one of the highest judicial offices in the state. That she was once convicted of criminal offenses is relevant. People can decide for themselves what importance to assign these matters.
See Observer story here.

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Anonymous said...

She has paid her dues to society and has went on to become a productive citizen.

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