Friday, April 4, 2008

Virginia: Reprieve (Update)

Richard Timbrook, whose police son, Police Sgt. Rick L. Timbrook, was shot to death while chasing a suspect has criticized Gov. Timothy M. Kaine for delaying the execution of Edward Nathaniel Bell, his son's killer. Bell was convicted seven years ago. Timbrook says he left a message at the governor's office telling Kaine that he had the right to oppose the death penalty but "he didn't have the right to push his views" on others. Kaine committed himself to upholding the death penalty as a feature of Virginia's law during the 2005 campaign, but Timbrook says the Governor "bare-face lied to us" and is failing his "obligation to the people." See story here. See also: Virginia: Reprieve (Background, Update) and Virginia: Reprieve

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