Friday, April 18, 2008

Watch List: Border Agents (Update)

Yesterday, Osvaldo Aldrete Davila pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import drugs and admitted that he tried to bring marijuana into the country in 2005. He was also in the United States illegally when he was shot by border agents Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos. Texas Sen. John Cornyn (R) is renewing his call for President Bush to commute the sentences of Compean and Ramos, who are serving 12 and 11 years in prison, respectively. In his view, it is “well past time for the president to do the right thing and commute their sentences.” Cornyn believes yesterday's guilty plea "opens even more questions than it answers" and wonders "when did the U.S. Attorney’s office first learn that Davila violated the terms of his immunity agreement by engaging in drug smuggling in 2005? Was this purposefully withheld from the jury deliberating the fate of Ramos and Compean?” See article here.

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