Thursday, April 24, 2008

Watch List: Update

Presidential Pardon Watch List - P.S. Ruckman, Jr.

- Clarence Aaron (drug dealing)
- Willie Mays Aikens (sold drugs to an undercover agent)
- Conrad Black (fraud and obstruction of justice)
- Duane Chapman (deprivation of liberty) X - won extradition battle (11/6/07)
- Roger Clemens
- Jose Compean (illegal arrest of an alien)
- Edwin Edwards (convicted of racketeering)
- John Forte (cocaine)
- Gilmer Hernandez (civil rights violation)
- Lawrence Hutchins (soldier, murder)
- Ron Isley (tax evasion)
- Jack Johnson (violated the Mann Act)
- Marion Jones (steroids)
- Scooter Libby (perjury, obstruction of justice)
- John Walker Lindh
- David H. McNab (smuggling and money laundering)
Michael Milken
(securities and reporting violations)
- Julius Nasso (conspiracy, extortion)
- O.Henry (embezzling bank funds)
- Lance Persson
(drug dealing)
- Leonard Pielter
(double murder of FBI agents)
- The Pig (tasting so good) X - White House spokesman says "no" (11/18/07)
- Jonathan Pollard (delivering classified information to foreign government)
- Ignacio Ramos
(illegal arrest of an alien)
- George Ryan (corruption)
- Richard Scrushy (corruption)
- Don Siegelman
- Jeffrey Skilling (fraud, conspiracy, insider trading)
- Martha Stewart (obstruction of justice)
- Michael Vick (conspiracy to operate interstate dogfighting ring)
- Robert Steve Vukelic (knowledge of a felony, failing to reporting it to authorities)
- Mark E. Whitacre (wire fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering)
- Jason Charles Yeager (methamphetamine charges)


Sharon Southers-Allen said...

My innocent brother, Steve K. Steffey needs to be on the Pardon List! I am his sister. I wrote the book, "A Judicial Terror in Texas," by D. Laine. June 2004. I know he read the copy I sent, for he quoted it twice in his last campaign. Then I learned he had pardoned the confessing guilty Raney! My brother chose prison over his own life, rather than confessing to a crime he never did.
He would not play their game and never will. He got twenty years, for sending a Birthday card, after having served over seven years of a DA Plea, he was coerced into, by his no longer eligible to practice lawyer! I have the forged documents, Court papers riddled with error upon error. Judge Gene Knize, DA Grubbs, D. Avery and Supervising Probation Tom Pavoldi, violated State and Federal Laws to get rid of him, in order to cover their own butts! I can back every accusation I make. His Probation Terms were changed at least twice, but not in a court of law. CPS is largely responsible too.
As for the Board of Pardons & Paroles, they are as corrupt as the others. He is a model inmate and his records are incorrect and they won't allow any corrections. They classify him as 2D. This means a weapon, (MR. McElyea in Austin confessed to no weapon) but they went back to 1985 and found a DWI and added that to make him look worse. This was not on his record in 1991 when CFI checked his background! It's been made clear, (he's done 120% with good time/work time, but without a confession, they may still not allow him to go! They will never get a confession! Texas pumps out corruption like they once pumped oil! They make up the rules as they go. In short, he was falsely accused by his wife of three months, (but together nine years,) and she has a history of false allegations. I am writing a new book now, but this time all the REAL NAMES are included. I hope to blow this state wide open, exposing their massive corruption and their prison system!

Sharon Southers-Allen

Anonymous said...

Innocent? I DON'T THINK SO! He fist chose to Plea out rather than go to jail and then did not comply with any part of the agrement. I think the they should't have gave him a deal in the first place. What I mean by did not comply with the agrement was that he was ordered no contact with or to be within close proxemity of the family in question. He failed to do that. He stalked them, chased them down in cars, left phone messsages, and even left gifts at the mail box just to keep them in fear and let them know that he could get to thm when he wanted to. This last act is what was able to put him in prison where he should be and stay. Acts of an innocent man? I don't think so. A guilty man is a guilty man.

Anonymous said...

Well Sharon, I was moved by your story and did a little research of my own. To my findings, your brother, Steven K. Steffey was accused of, and sent to prison, because he is a PEDOPHILE! Why didn't you mention that? To me it sounds like the justice system has prevailed, and a child PREDATOR is off the streets. I will wish you no luck, and I hope that brother of yours dies, alone, in prison where he belongs. =)

Anonymous said...

Sharon, Maybe your brother is classified as a 2D for his protection since he's imprisioned for pedophilia.

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