Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Campaign 08: Libertarian Pardons

According to this story, Libertarian presidencial candidate Christine Smith (a singer, model, author, markswoman, chess player and whiskey drinker) will - if elected - "pardon everyone jailed for non-violent marijuana offenses." Or, as her web page puts it:
I will end the 'War on Drugs.' I will end the suffering, deaths, and injustice imposed upon Americans by this insane policy.The 'War on Drugs,' in the opinion of many experts, including many in law enforcement itself, is not only a failure...but one which fills our prisons with non-violent offenders, eating up our tax dollars better spent elsewhere, while accomplishing very little benefit to society (just as the Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920's).

By executive order I intend to pardon people who have harmed no other person (but possibly themselves) and are now incarcerated due to non-violent drug offenses. Only three crimes, treason, piracy and counterfeiting, are within the constitutional authority of the federal government; other laws making more 'crimes' under their jurisdiction will be eliminated.

We cannot and must not use the force of the federal government to try and protect people from themselves. Laws and our law enforcement should be used only to protect us from those who would directly harm us. All other matters, such as drug addiction, should be left to communities, families and individuals to address to help bring healing to those who seek assistance...not criminalized which leads to suffering, breakup of families, and violence. All individuals personal choices, as long as it harms no other, must never be criminalized.
Meanwhile, PardonPower has not yet heard from Bob Barr.

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