Friday, May 30, 2008

Context: terHorst v. McClellan

In an editorial, George Weeks asks this question regarding Scott McClellan:

why, when he was resident propagandist, did he not take the honorable course taken by ex-White House Press Secretary Jerry terHorst?
terHorst resigned after Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon, but made his views on the matter know personally, privately, directly before he left the White House. Notes Weeks:

An hour before Ford's telecast announcing the pardon, terHorst handed Ford a manila envelope with a single sheet of typed White House stationary that said:

--¦ It is with great regret, after long soul-searching, that I must inform you that I cannot in good conscience support your decision to pardon former President Richard Nixon even before he has been charged with the commission of any crime. As your spokesman I do not know how I could credibly defend that action in the absence of a like decision to grant absolute pardons to the young men who evaded Vietnam military service as a matter of conscience and the absence of pardons for former aides and associates of Mr. Nixon who have been charged with crimes -- and imprisoned -- stemming from the same Watergate situation."

Weeks says it best, "What a contrast in class." See the Weeks editorial here.

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