Friday, May 9, 2008

Michigan: Editorial on Fugitive

The Detroit News has an editorial which provides the following commentary on Susan LeFevre, the fugitive from justice recently turned captive:
Under the Michigan constitution, Gov. Jennifer Granholm has the power to pardon LeFevre or commute the sentence. The process typically takes a month or two and begins with an application that goes to the 10-member state parole board. The panel reviews the case and recommends whether to commute the sentence or not. Governors and parole boards are generally wary of pardons and commuted sentences. There's a political and safety risk if the released prisoner commits a violent crime. There's no such risk here. LeFevre is expected to soon ask for the sentence to be commuted. Both the parole board and governor should approve the request. Writing mercy into the Constitution goes with the expectation it will be used at the appropriate time. This is one of those times.
See full editorial here.


Anonymous said...

The punishment didnt fit the crime, to begin with. Citizens need to get the government to think more about rehabilitation and education, rather than caging people like animals...where everyone loses...including ourselves, the taxpayers...

to support susan go to

Anonymous said...

Contact Governor Granholm to remedy this government problem!

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