Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mississippi: Words. Words. Words.

Jimmy Simmons (Chickasaw County Sheriff): "He knew exactly what he was doing. Anybody who seen that lady up there with a shoeprint still in the side of her face ... I can still see it like it was yesterday."

Chris Epps (Department of Corrections Commissioner): "I used to be his case manager. So, I've been knowing him for a while. He's pretty serious now. He's not grinning like he was in October."

Earl Wesley Berry (the executed): "No comment."

Gov. Haley Barbour: "Justice has finally been rendered for this horrible crime."

Jena Watson (daughter of the victim): "I know a lot of people want to know what was going through my mind. As I watched that process, I kept thinking how much more humane capital punishment is than what my mother suffered. He was just lying there, and then he went to sleep."

Tom O'Flaherty (former defense attorney): "People are represented by lawyers, and they make mistakes. Judges and juries make mistakes. None of us can know for sure if a person deserves that penalty."

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