Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oklahoma: Recommendation

The State's five-member pardon and parole board has recommended that the life sentence of Norma Jane Lumpkin be commuted to time served. In 1981, Lumpkin took out a $210,000 life insurance policy on her husband and, with the help of a teenage accomplice, beat him to death with a baseball bat. The police found the body in the trunk of her car when she was pulled over for speeding. Today, Lumpkin's supporters say she suffered from "battered spouse syndrome," although a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has already considered this defense and upheld the original sentence. Some consider it noteworthy that abuse was not a central consideration during the course of the original trial. Although Lumpkin has been "written up" for misconduct three times while in prison, she is credited with having started "religious groups" during her stay. See story here.


Angie Temple said...

I am the victims niece. Our family is seeking support to keep this murderer behind bars. We were not notified that she was up for parole therefore no one represented the victim at the hearing. Any support is much appreciated.

Linda Messenger said...

I am Gilbert's sister. I am appalled that the OK Pardon & Parole board have recommended the release of Jane Lumpkin. She was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. After having her boyfriend beat my brother with a baseball bat, she finished the murder by placing a plastic bag over his head. She murdered him to collect the proceeds from life insurance which she had recently taken out on my brother's life. She and her attorney have now fabricated a "battered wife" defense in and effort to have her released from prison. There was never any claim of or evidence of battering prior to this defense. The supporters of the victim were not notified of the parole hearing and therefore not present to protest the "battered wife" claim or her release. Please help us keep this murderer in prison.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is so late.

Gilbert Lumpkin was a good man. I was on his baseball team as a young man of 11 yrs old. I am now 40. I STILL have very fond memories of Coach Lumpkin, he was like my 2nd dad. I asked him once about the missing finger he had, he said it was blown off by a shotgun when he was cleaning it and to always empty your gun if you're going to clean it.

Gilbert always took time to teach me, talk with me, he even taught me how to wittle. He had a lot of little boys looking up to him.

Jane, on the other hand, always came to the practice and games angry, she yelled at her kids and the boys on the team...everyone. I have known women with battered women syndrome who were truly being beaten. They don't act like Jane did!! Aggressive and angry.

Gilbert was not anything like a woman beater! Unfortunately, I have known several and I believe with all my heart that this charge was false.

Then it comes out that she was having an affair with an older brother of one of the boys on our team and they used one of our bats to murder him!

I cried and cried because I loved coach Lumpkin. I remember praying for Jim and Alisha (I think??). I remember Jim was never the same.

Linda Messenger said...

Mr. Anonymous,
I hope you see this and thank you for your post. My brother was a good man. It was so nice to read your comments and fond memories about him. Even after all these years I miss him deeply. Thank you for sharing your memories. I hope you will be able to follow up with a letter to the parole board when Jane will be up for parole again. Not sure when but, no doubt too soon. Please help us keep her in prison. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I saw it and you are welcome. Thank you for writing to me. He was a gentleman and there was not a better father. Both my brother and I took the time to write the parole board about Jane during her last parole hearing.

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