Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pardoned McDougal No Longer Bitter

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette recently published an article which said Susan McDougal is no longer "bitter" toward Kenneth Starr, the man who headed the Whitewater real estate investigation that landed her in prison. She also says that her fellow inmates took her story "as their own and saw it as something bright and noble and good." As she puts it, she spent times in seven jails in five states for "doing what was right."

McDougal was convicted of four counts of felony fraud and conspiracy in 1996. That year, Judge Susan Wright sent her to jail on civil contempt of court charges after she refused to answer questions before a grand jury and McDougal stayed there until March 1998. She served three months of her two-year sentence before being released in June 1998. McDougal was then charged with criminal contempt of court and obstruction of justice. The trial ended with a hung jury on the first charge and an acquittal on the second. Bill Clinton pardoned her in 2001.

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