Saturday, May 10, 2008

South Dakota: Commutation Revisited

Debra Jenner has been denied parole seven times, but, will seek her freedom once again next week. In 1987, she stabbed her three-year-old daughter, Abby, 70 times with a Chicago Cutlery knife because the child was "fussy" (read more about the details of the murder here). In 2003, Jenner admitted her guilt in taped interviews and former Governor Bill Janklow (R) commuted her sentence to 100 years in prison. Chief Deputy Attorney General Mark Barnett opposes her release, however, because he says Jenner privately tells fellow inmates that she is innocent. As such, the 50-year old's sentence will end in 2039, with good behavior. Jenner's original sentence was life without the possibility of parole.


Anonymous said...

I have never met Debra Jenner in person. It does not matter to me if she is innocent or guilty. I took an interest in the case years back. She was denied DNA testing after begging and pleading for years to recieve DNA testing. Her only choice was to take a plea bargain and say she was guilty. She is not the first person to do this. Her case was sloppy. They never checked outside sources. A lab in Chicago, MCCRONE AND ASSOCIATE prooved that their was no conclusive match of hair found in Abby's hand that matched her mother's hair. Somehow this was not brought out in court. Their is a whole other side to this case.

Anonymous said...

She had another choice! She could till the truth....the truth is always a choice, and the best one. If I didn't kill my daughter, wild freakin horses couldn't make me say I did! I don't know how you could even think of doing something like that - admitting to your daughter's murder if you are innocent??!! It's unthinkable to me. I'd rather rot in jail than do that! That excuse about something so important as this is really lame!!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 5-18-08, You haven't been in prison all this time with no hope though have you. You hven't had important people ply you with promises of release have you. You haven't missed watching your son grow up into a fine young man, and get married have you. You can never say "you would never" because you haven't been there. I believe she was coerced to prevent further investigation. Now they really have here where they want her and the truth is hidden even further.

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