Friday, May 16, 2008

South Dakota: Denial

The South Dakota parole board has denied Debra Jenner parole for the 8th time. It is reported that at least one board member thinks the "grisly nature" of her crime is her biggest obstacle. Governor Bill Janklow commuted Jenner's life sentence without parole to 100-years after she admitted killing her 3-year-old daughter (see other details here). Jenner told members of the parole board she could land a job doing data entry in Pierre if she were to be released early. See story here.


Anonymous said...

This does not surprise me that the parole board denied her. Ms. Jenner pleaded her innocence and for DNA testing for years. She was denied DNA testing. In 2002, with an offer, if she pleaded guilty he would let her be up for parole evry 8 months. She took the quilty plead, because it appeared to be her only way out. She was denied DNA testing, so she gave up fighting for her innocence.

Anonymous said...

The case is seriously flawed. No outsiders looked at. No DNA. A confession by an outsider not looked at. Hair samples not conclusive. Newspaper article prooving that the investigators were in a hurry to close the case.
McCrone and Associates lab in Chicago misquoted who had the hair samples. This women is innocent.
Go back to the beginning and the truth will come out. What ever is in the dark will be brought to the light.

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