Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Arizona: Request

Last year, Kimu Parker was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the role she played in the slow starvation of her three children. Now, her husband, Blair, is in court. The couple forced their home-schooled kids on a low-calorie Vegan diet and didn't reverse course even as the kids' bodies began wasting away. They were arrested in April 2005 when one of their daughters began having seizures. The Phoenix New Times reports that only one of Blair's jurors is black and "half are overweight." In the opening statement, his attorney said the Parkers made "serious mistakes" but that they were not "criminals."

Following Kimu Parker's sentencing, Superior Court Judge Thomas O'Toole moved to have the sentence reduced, arguing it was "clearly excessive." A motion was then filed with the state Board of Executive Clemency to recommend a pardon or sentence reduction to Governor Janet Napolitano. O'Toole argues that Kimu has taken parenting classes and has seen the error of her ways. CPS has decided that she was "a good, proper parent who would be able to raise healthy children." See the New Times story here.

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