Friday, June 6, 2008

Campaign 08: Town Hall on Crime and Punishment?

Over at the Sentencing Law and Policy blog there is an intriguing call for a town-hall style meeting on Crime and Punishment between candidates Obama and McCain, and maybe even Bob Barr (who must have some intriguing views on the topic - PardonPower is still waiting for a response from Mr. Barr). Among some proposed questions: "What is your view of the President's clemency power and how might you utilize this power during your administration?" Of course, PardonPower could not agree with the proposal more. Such a town hall meeting would potentially provide marvelous insights into the values, vision and understanding of the candidates. The common PR strategy is to label difficult (or doomed) dialogue as "productive," once finished. Here, however, one could easily imagine the discussion living up to the description!

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