Friday, June 20, 2008

Congressional Book Tour Investigation In Progress

The Dallas Morning News reports that Scott McClellan has told Congress that he is "not sure" if any administration officials committed a crime by revealing Valerie Plame's identity to journalists. And the former White House press secretary is "not sure" if there was a cover-up. Perhaps he has just not had enough time to think it over, or he is trying to develop some inside contacts to the highest reaches of power. The cynic might have expected both the thinking and the conclusion before the printing of McClellan's new book.

But, after hundreds of pages of writing, McClellan is certain that he was very "disappointed" at the president's decision to commute the prison sentence portion of Libby's sentence for obstruction of justice. It is also reported that McClellan will be even more disappointed if Libby ends up with an outright pardon, "because the Bush he knew as governor and president always insisted on two things for a pardon: repayment to society and expression of remorse." Says McClellan, "We have seen neither of that from Scooter Libby."

God help the President if a federal prisoner is proven innocent by DNA. McClellan will be out there demanding "repayment to society and expression of remorse!" Notably, the self-righteous tizzy features not the slightest amount of disappointment that so much time, energy, effort and money went into an investigation where there may or may not have been a cover up, or even a crime. Nor is there any expression of remorse that Richard Armitage, the original leaker, was in no way punished for his behavior. Scotty, Scott, Scotty.

PardonPower is shocked and dismayed with Mr. McClellan, and deeply disturbed that the glass casing on his disappointment radar screen is so fogged-up. See story here.

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