Thursday, June 5, 2008

Florida: Clemency? Not Too Fast!

The delay in processing clemency applications is a distinct feature at the federal level and commonly a factor in the states. The Governor of the State of Illinois recently had a U.S. District Court inform him that his delays were violating the civil rights of applicants. But today, the Miami Herald reports on new approach to addressing the issue of delay ... more delay! A 20 percent reduction in the parole commission budget (all the way down to $8.1 million) will result in a reduction of 24 positions (in a staff of 148). Nine of the position involve the handling of clemency applications. An official said, ''We will continue to do our best. However, there might be a slight delay time in processing clemency cases.'' The State's clemency process is reported to have been "bound in red tape and paperwork" for "years." See story here.


Anonymous said...

just talked to the sate of fl
about getting a pardon for a crime done in 1974 asked a bout the rule 10b where it says 30 days if no crime was commited in last 15 years by that person say ahe has boxs of forms that are not typed in the system and could take ove 2 years for them to get to them and good luck she was rude and pissed because of budget cuts

jim said...

i commited a crime in 1991, Filed a Pardon application in Nov 2007.Here it is Sept.2009 and still no word on a hearing.

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