Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Future: Pardon Infomercials?

PardonPower notes a blur over at which features a commercial enterprise known as The blurb notes that the folks at have "announced" that they have "successfully assisted a customer in winning a pardon from President George W. Bush." Furthermore, they say, "the successful effort ultimately took a fraction of the time usually required and cost less than 1% of the average cost for a successful pardon petition." PardonPower is downright exhilarated to know that, somewhere, there are data on the average cost of successful pardon petitions. This should perk the interest of several scholars who have written on pardons over the years, but have never seen, nor heard of such data! Similarly, the blurb notes:
It is commonly thought that the legal effort to mount a successful bid for a Presidential pardon requires the better part of seven years and at least $40,000.
An amazing piece of information indeed. PardonPower is likely to explore just how "common" this thought really is.

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