Thursday, June 12, 2008

McCain: Holder and Marc Rich = Campaign Issue

Fox News reports Sen. John McCain is starting to get a little chatty about Eric Holder's work on the Obama VP selection team. Says McCain:

“I think it is a matter of record that Mr. Holder recommended the pardoning of Mr. (Marc) Rich. And all those things will be taken into consideration by the media and the American people, especially when you are entrusting individuals with one of the most important decisions that a presidential candidate can make before that individual is elected and that is who the running mate is.”
And to think, there are some who have been arguing that the pardon power would not be an issue in this campaign! Let's see, so far we have had:

1. Mike Huckabee pardoning everyone
2. Mitt Romney bragging about how he pardoned no one
3. Romney saying he would "seriouly consider" pardoning the border agents
4. Republican candidates being asked about Scooter Libby in debates
5. Obama criticizing the Libby commutation in stump speeches
6. Hillary Clinton being deeply disappointed by the Libby commutation
7. Giuliani being asked about a possible pardon for Bernard Kerik
8. Hillary Clinton knowing nothing at all about anything related to pardons
9. Mrs. Clinton receiving financial support from her husband's pardon recipients
10. Obama reminding Mrs. Clinton about her husband's Weather Underground pardons
11. Obama's spokesman promising no pardon for Rezko
12. And now ... Eric Holder and Marc Rich

And we still have the rest of the campaign, the last months of the president's term and Bush's final decision on Libby ahead! See Fox News story here.

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Anonymous said...

Romney is a joke. He has stated that he never issues pardons because he does not want to go against a jurys decision. Romney is a flip flopper to the extreme.

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