Monday, June 16, 2008

National Review Supports Holder (Kinda)

Over at National Review 's Campaign Spot, Jim Geraghty writes:

Around the blogosphere and web, I see considerable effort to argue that Eric Holder should depart Obama's vice-presidential selection team. I must heartily disagree. In fact, I think those on the right should be doing everything possible to make sure that Eric Holder has as large a role in the selection process as possible.

Why? I refer you to that first sentence of that 2001 Washington Post profile: "Eric older wishes he had focused for three minutes when he heard the name Marc Rich connected with the word pardon."

A guy who couldn't see political fallout from pardoning Marc Rich probably couldn't find beer in Ireland. If you're hoping for some sort of stumble when Obama selects his running mate... some sort of horrific scandal to surface that blindsides the Obama campaign... then Eric Holder is exactly the guy you want heading up the search ...

Touche. Remember all the big headlines that were generated when a supporter of Obama was said to supposedly support a presidential pardon for Scooter Libby? Then, when you read the piece, you realized, there was nothing like anything similar to sincere support for Libby. The hope was that Bush would grant the pardon and be condemned to Hell for it. Yes, those were some good times. Small toast to the folks at NR. They're always quite witty. See post here

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