Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pennsylvania: Judge Discourages Clemency

17-year old Alec Kreider was sentenced to life in prison yesterday after he admitted to killing Tom and Lisa Haines their 16-year-old son, Kevin, who was Kreider's best friend. The murders were committed in May of 2007, with the use of a hunting knife. Kreider was arrested after he confessed to his own father. An attorney says Kreger is "a child" who has not experienced full cognitive development. It is also alleged that Kreider told the inmate that killing his best friend, was "interesting," and that he would kill again if given the chance. At the closing of Tuesday's hearing, Judge David L. Ashworth told Kreider he would be filing a notation with the sentencing order in order to discourage any present or future governor from granting Kreider clemency. "Mr. Kreider, you will spend the rest of your life in prison," Ashworth said. "You will never be given the opportunity to threaten anyone else in the community."See article here.

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