Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Virginia: Another Request on Kaine's Desk

Percy Lavar Walton is scheduled for execution next Tuesday and Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has a clemency petition on his desk. Walton pleaded guilty to a triple murder that took place in 1996, when he was 18-years old. At the time, he scored 90 on an IQ test and his scores have steadily declined since. As a result, Walton's execution has been delayed twice by Kaine - once to allow for an independent evaluation of Walton’s mental condition and competence and a second time to allow for “continued observation” of Walton’s mental state. The director of the Lynchburg Depressive Disorders Association says, "the life sentence commutation would be appropriate." But attorney William H. Fuller III says the execution is about 10 years overdue. Mental health issues were never brought up by the defense during Walton’s trial. See report here.

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