Saturday, June 21, 2008

Virginia: Fast Track Clemency? is reporting that a clemency petition for a mother facing deportation "is on the fast-track to the Governor's office." Immigration officials want 31-year old Kathryn Ingleson deported to England in August for an offense she committed as a teenager (credit card fraud to the tune of $300). A pardon from Governor Tim Kaine would save the mother of two the trauma, but applications usually take a year to process. According to the report, Ingleson "has also secured very strong, bipartisan support." Lawmakers "on both sides of the isle" are said to be "urging" the Governor to grant a pardon. See story here

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Anonymous said...

For goodness sakes pardon this woman. Her misdemeanor crime was ten yrs ago. Governor of VA show some compassion and courage and pardon this woman.

-Still waitin on Pardon in NC

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