Monday, June 9, 2008

Virginia: Request on the Eve of Execution

Percy Walton is set to die by lethal injection at 9 p.m. Tuesday. In 1979, Walton pleaded guilty to the murders of Jessie and Elizabeth Kendrick and Archie Moore. The husband and wife (in their 80s) were shot in the head from close range. Walton would have been executed in 2003, but a federal court intervened three days beforehand. In 2006, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine granted a reprieve just two hours before Walton was set to die and delayed the execution another 18 months. Kaine argued that Walton met the Supreme Court's definition of "mental incompetence." At the time, it was reported that Walton laughed a great deal and talked to voices in his own head. Today. Walton's attorney says his client's mental condition is, if anything, worse. He reports that Walton has told him that he plans to go to Burger King and ride a motorcycle after the execution. Today, a spokesman says the governor is "reviewing" Walton's clemency petition. See story here.

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