Thursday, June 12, 2008

WSJ: Room Under the Bus for Holder?

Now that the Obama team has ditched Jim Johnson from the VP search process, many wonder why Eric Holder remains on board? As discussed here, Holder play a key role in what many consider among the most controversial presidential pardons in American history (President Clinton's pardon of fugitive Marc Rich. A Wall Street Journal editorial says, in part:
We can only wonder if Eric Holder, who is also among Mr. Obama's veep vetters, will be the next to join this club. As Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton Administration, he played a role in the Marc Rich pardon that also deserves to be fully vetted - all the more so if Mr. Holder is on the short list to be Mr. Obama's Attorney General. Caroline Kennedy, the other member of Mr. Obama's veep vetting team, has probably already inherited a stack of files from Mr. Johnson. She might want to take a peek at Mr. Holder's too.
While all of the chat about Holder's "involvement" and "connection" to the Rich pardon is fun, it is interesting that so little of the recent round of commentary has focused on what Holder actually said, in congressional testimony. After all, his own words are more damaging than any linking together of events. Look for a future PardonPower post on it. See full article here.

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