Monday, July 21, 2008

Andrew Sullivan: Without a Clue

Andrew Sullivan's blog, the Daily Dish, over at features this blast of hot air:
... America doesn't pardon war criminals. It prosecutes and, in the past, has even executed them for the same techniques that Bush and Rumsfeld and Cheney endorsed.
Forget about Alfred Rubery, George Pickett, William T. Calley, and Tokyo Rose ... Google the names Tomaya Kawakita, George John Dasch and Ernst Peter Burger and see what you come up with. Read about compelling prisoners to complete work by kicking them, beatings with wooden swords, throwing prisoners into cesspools, forcing malnourished prisoners to run “laps” around camps while rocks and sod were being thrown at them, prisoners being forced to attack each other and beaten if they did not "attack fiercely enough," prisoners being forced to carry heavy buckets of water for considerable distances, or being forced to kneel on bamboo platforms and hold heavy objects above their head for several hours. When the objects were dropped, they were beaten with canes. Read about terrorist bombings of government buildings and private industry. Then, along the way, learn more about federal executive clemency than Mr. Sullivan has taken the time to learn. See Sullivan's post here.

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