Sunday, July 20, 2008

Daily News on Pardons

Picking up on yesterday's New York Times' story, the New York Daily News has a story with commentary on some of the people that we now know are applying for pardons from the Bush administration. PardonPower finds this passage in the article interesting:

Publicity itself might not be the greatest help.

"My experience is that anybody who gets their name in the paper before the President acts is unlikely to be pardoned," said former U.S. pardon attorney Margaret Love. "It tends to be discouraging."

Love said the larger issue is that Clinton and Bush haven't focused on the importance of the pardon power or addressed pardons early enough in their tenure. That leads to heavy backlogs. In Clinton's case, "I think they didn't care until the very end - and then he cared a lot," she said. "In Bush's case, I guess we'll see."
PardonPower finds these comments very interesting in light of a recent story (here) concerning Conrda Black and his attempt to secure clemency. See full article here.

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